My Report

Next term I hope to get all highs for my report and to get all good comments on my work/behavi0ur. I did well in the past report  but I could have done better.







P.E: M,H,M,M,M



Those are my scores from my term 3 report.

Cyber Safety

The 5 best things to do to stay Cyber Safe.

1: Set your profile on private on all your social media accounts

2: Do not post any private information on your accounts (phone number, address etc)

3: Do not accept friend requests from unknown people

4: Don’t forward any nude pictures or send any yourself

5: Do not post pictures with any identifiable sport clubs, schools or uniforms

I had 13 smarties in my packet. The most common smartie in my packet was pink. The amount of smarties (on average) in each packet is about 13. The most common in a packet isn’t the same, but it seems to be pink. It was easier to add up the totals myself, rather than Excel doing it, but if there were much larger and longer numbers to add it would be very handy. The fill tool was useful so that you could just drag the total so that you didnt have to figure out the other totals yourself. My packet wasn’t different to the average packet, except maybe if I didn’t have any smarties for certain colours. The amount of smarties in a packet with a total of 100 smarties would be the same as timesing the amounts with 13 in the packet by maybe 7 or 10. l

Electronics Nerve Tester

This is my Nerve Tester Game.

It works as intended, except for maybe the flat battery that occured, which was a slight inconvenience in my plan.

If I were to make any changes they would be to maybe make a more high-tech and sophisticated model, as in better paint details and a cooler silver wire shape on the front of my model.

To improve my design I could pay a little more attention to the standards of my painting; do a better job.

The easiest part of my construction was highly likely gluing on the battery on the back of my model, if not that it would be painting the wood, as it was a session of Technology that was quite layed back and easy.

The most difficult part of the construction was gluing and soldering the wires together on the back of the model, and drilling the holes and inserting the little buzzer lights.

Hints for effective Google searches

Instead of writing a complete sentance with all the who, what, in and wheres just write specific key words, and to make it even more specific do quotation marks at the start and end of your sentance. Google searches only for the key words in your search, so don’t put in un necessary words; as it will just give you searches you don’t want. For example if I wanted to know how many hours of sleep a 10 year old needs, I would not search up “how many hours of sleep does a 10 year old need”, I would say “hours of sleep child needs” or to even shorten it more; “sleep hours children”.